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Film Review - A Boy Called Po


It’s wonderful that there’s growing awareness of autism, especially in cinema, which, in recent years, has gotten serious about the subject, with brave filmmakers searching for ways to tell inclusive stories as a way to demystify the disorder, exposing its mysteries and reinforcing its unique sacrifices. Director John Asher has firsthand knowledge of the subject, co-parenting an autistic boy (his ex being famous anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy), making his perspective on the rituals of raising special needs child valuable to “A Boy Named Po,” which is dedicated to his kid. And yet, Asher, and screenwriters Colin Goldman and Steve C. Roberts, seem terrified of following through on a realistic feature, turning “A Boy Named Po” into TV movie-style viewing experience, hitting conflicts and emotional beats with a sledgehammer, while the ending is borderline inexcusable. Read the rest at 


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