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Film Review - Lady Macbeth


“Lady Macbeth” has no connection to the possibly cursed William Shakespeare play, but it does carry a special Shakespearean energy of its own. It’s actually an adaptation of a 1865 novella from Russian author Nikolai Leskov, taking a periodically harrowing look at one woman’s experience with isolation, domination, and, eventually, revenge. Director William Oldroyd is on familiar ground with this period piece, but “Lady Macbeth” bares its teeth early and often, rising above the tea-and-dismissal scene to showcase pure illness from its characters, who seemingly enjoy destroying one another. It’s a grim picture with a deliberate pace, but attention to behavioral detail is extraordinary, led by a thunderous performance from Florence Pugh, who makes a mighty leap to industry visibility with her brave, dark, and thrillingly commanding work.  Read the rest at


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