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Film Review - 2:22

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The magnetized pull of fate is explored in “2:22,” an attempt from screenwriters Todd Stein and Nathan Parker to create a brain-bleeding viewing experience big enough to compete with similar titles. It all boils down to a question of patience, with the best of the genre inviting viewer participation and decoding, stimulating a burning need to keep with the big screen puzzling. “2:22” doesn’t encourage that type of response, trying a bit too hard to achieve a sense of confusion that eventually clears into profundity by the end credits. The movie doesn’t have the creative drive to be anything more than a tepid mystery, and even with a few ridiculous twists and turns, director Paul Currie can’t connect the dots in a fascinating way, with the entire effort resembling more of a screenwriting exercise than a hypnotic overview of celestial guidance.  Read the rest at


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