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Film Review - The Mummy


Perhaps it’s fitting that a character who’s a product of immortality should be subjected to repeated reboots and remakes over the last 86 years. Universal Pictures is not about to let one of their top horror icons fade into obscurity, reviving the creature for “The Mummy,” which also represents the first shot fired in the studio’s Dark Universe franchise movement, because nothing can just be a movie anymore, it has to be a multi-decade financial plan. The brand name hasn’t been touched since 2008’s “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,” and for good reason, as it’s tough to make a chiller these days, especially with a titular character that offers few surprises. Sadly, the production doesn’t supply a stripped down version of the tightly wrapped menace, burying the monster’s core appeal under layers of needless exposition, prized supporting characters, and the starring demands of Tom Cruise, who’s completely out of his element in this update. Reaching for laughs, CGI-laden action, and sequels before the first installment has a chance to cool, “The Mummy” simply attempts too much, forgetting how this whole series began with mood, not fireworks and breathless backstory. Read the rest at


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