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Film Review - Rough Night


As the title suggests, things do not go well for the characters in “Rough Night.” Keeping up with Hollywood trends, the feature is a hard R-rated comedy that enjoys shock value and the limited reach of improvisational comedy, providing its five leads with ample opportunity to riff their way around scenes, searching for the funny instead of bringing a completed script to life. There are limits to this type of entertainment, and co-writer/director Lucia Aniello finds them all, but not before landing enough decent scenes and ace one-liners to make one wonder what happened to “Rough Night” in the editing room. The finished product has an appealing first half, but dies horribly in the second, overstaying its welcome as the screenplay is only partially paid attention to, keeping the picture either screwball or weirdly serious, never particularly successful at either end of the spectrum. Read the rest at


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