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Film Review - Kill Switch


While certain movies have experimented with the first-person perspective, last year’s “Hardcore Henry” elected to utilize the unique POV throughout the entire picture. It was a hyper-violent, cheeky romp, with its experimental ambition its only real success, daring to give video game fans the cinematic experience nobody in particular asked for. “Kill Switch” is the next production up to bat, also employing a first-person perspective to detail the experience of a corporate mercenary lost in a strange land, with only his computer display in front of his eyes to keep him steady. Based on a short, “Kill Switch” doesn’t have much to do the stretch itself to the 90 minute mark, but it certainly embraces the technical challenge, with director Tim Smit aiming to please with an in-your-face viewing experience that’s just fine with violence, but less confident with dramatics, which struggle to provide life to an otherwise cold, digital production. Read the rest at


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