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Film Review - Berlin Syndrome


As if moviegoers need another reason to be wary of European strangers. “Berlin Syndrome” teases a case of xenophobia, but it’s really a grim chiller that introduces and explores the miserable existence of Stockholm syndrome, which is a complex psychological concept that requires something more than cheap scare. Director Cate Shortland offers terrific command of the material, generating all the requisite horror of capture and imprisonment, but there’s more in the margins with “Berlin Syndrome” (based on a book by Melanie Joosten, scripted by Shaun Grant), which drills deeper into sicko games of possession to explore sensuality, anger, and, ultimately, submission. Shortland has a specific vision for this mix of “Misery” and “Hostel,” refusing to break her effort down into digestible exploitation chunks for easier consumption. Read the rest at


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