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Film Review - Cezanne et moi


“Cezanne et moi” is a tale of friendship, but one where the participants just happen to be giants of art working through various struggles in their separate lives. It’s not a bio-pic of Emile Zola and Paul Cezanne, but an imagining of their longstanding connection, which weathered all kinds of domestic turmoil and insecurities, helping the pair generate an unlikely bond as they grew into their creative legacies. Writer/director Daniele Thompson shares his appreciation for the combustible union, trading a clinical listing of accomplishments for something far more talkative and episodic, keeping the conversation moving as he jumps around in time, working to shape a portrait of two wildly different men connecting through talent and spirit, trying to remain in each other’s lives as time and temper attempt to divide them. Read the rest at


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