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Blu-ray Review - Fuzz


An offering of supercop cinema from a decade that was positively addicted to the stuff, 1972's "Fuzz" catches up with the ragtag ways of the Boston Police Department as they're faced with an atypically determined enemy. It's cold-blooded procedural executed with a special spin, managing a community of exhausted cops, dismissive politicians, and active villains as they race around the city, mixing it up while elements of suspense and comedy vie for the dominating mood. It's based on the "87th Precinct" series by author Ed McBain, adapted for the screen by Evan Hunter, and they're both the same man, leading to the sort of confusion "Fuzz" thrives on, overseeing a combustible mix of personalities and tonal adjustments as the production makes its way through the thick of criminal encounters and personal antagonisms. It's a messy effort, odd all over, but director Richard A. Colla keeps the feature on the move to the best of his ability, wisely investing in brevity as the episodic nature of the source material is hammered into shape here, resulting in an entertaining endeavor that's frequently breathless, never lingering anywhere for very long. Read the rest at


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