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Minnesota Movie Ads - December 1984

Blu-ray Review - My Bodyguard


A staple of teen entertainment, the Bully Situation is often deployed to explore the high school experience, tapping into a universal understanding of hallway pressure and humiliation. It's a difficult subject matter to watch, often fueling tales of underdog triumph, with some pictures, like 1984's "The Karate Kid," using cartoon extremes wonderfully to achieve a precise pitch of audience sympathy. 1980's "My Bodyguard" is far from the best Bully Situation movie, but it does retain a degree of verisimilitude when it comes to the anxiety of classmate punishment and helpless, getting viewers riled up with scenes of abuse and torment. Director Tony Bill has a natural way with his young cast, and this is definitely a feature that means well, taking sensitive relationships seriously. However, "My Bodyguard" has issues with pacing and a screwy way with the cyclical nature of violence, presenting a confused conclusion that doesn't even begin to solve all the trouble that precedes it. Read the rest at


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