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Film Review - Sausage Party


I applaud Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg for their continued celebration of juvenile humor, with the producing/writing partners trying to keep up with demand through recent releases like “Neighbors” and its sequel, “”The Night Before,” and “The Interview.” “Sausage Party” is perhaps their most direct offering of raunchy mischief, only now their game’s been elevated to the CGI-animated realm, delivering a sweeping adventure (on a low budget) that’s packed with cursing, sexual situations, and gore, all involving supermarket foods. It takes a special mind to dream up such a fantasia of fluids and puns, and “Sausage Party” is surprisingly ambitious when it comes to thematic reach. However, a little of this berserk creation goes a long way, especially when it feels like the production is running out of ideas to fill 80 minutes of screen time. Read the rest at


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