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Film Review - The Purge: Election Year


2013’s “The Purge” asked characters to liberate their rage and “release the beast” during a special night of murder. The third chapter of the series, “The Purge: Election Night” will have audiences looking to release the hounds on writer/director James DeMonaco, who destroys his once interesting premise with an abysmal chiller that offers little to no technical expertise or dramatic moderation. DeMonaco runs right into a wall with “Election Year,” which plays cheaply and desperately, striving to wring a few last scares out of an unlikely franchise the helmer has personally shepherded over the last three years. It’s a terrible movie, ugly and ridiculous, missing the zeitgeist by a country mile, but it also identifies DeMonaco’s professional carelessness, emerging as one of the few filmmakers to deliver progressively lamer sequels despite enjoying a rare offering of creative hindsight. Read the rest at


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