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Film Review - The Lobster


In the world of director Yorgos Lanthimos, up is down and down is up. He’s a helmer who embraces the surreal and the strikingly authentic, using elements of performance art to explore the human condition as it experiences unusual extremity and isolation. Lanthimos first caught attention with 2009’s “Dogtooth,” and he returns to US art-houses with another vision of codependency in “The Lobster,” which also gifts him a larger budget and name actors to guide through his peculiar world-view. “The Lobster” is meant to be a great many things, and it’s largely successful with all of them, but what really pops here is Lanthimos’s hunger for the strange and his obsession with the heart, taking the long way around peculiar character interactions to explore the meaning of companionship. Read the rest at 


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