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Minnesota Movie Ads - October 1982

Blu-ray Review - Monster Dog


Scoring a point for truth in advertising, 1984's "Monster Dog" actually submits the hellish fury of a monster dog, making it a minor success in terms of delivering on a titular promise. The rest of the picture's quality is open for debate. A rare foray into acting for rock music legend Alice Cooper, "Monster Dog" provides the master of shock with an appropriate thespian challenge, tasked with portraying a shadowy recording artist with an interest in the macabre. Perhaps this is slow-pitch softball for Cooper, but the feature doesn't make the transition easy, pitting the singer against the harshness of Italian genre filmmaking, with its loose dubbing, general dismissal of storytelling, and iffy special effects. At the very least, the movie supplies two Cooper tunes and gifts gorehounds with a few sticky encounters, meeting demands with a passably entertaining home invasion/werewolf/killer dog extravaganza that eventually does away with plot altogether, preferring to cling to a routine of violence and lackluster suspense to fill the run time. Read the rest at


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