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Film Review - Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice


2013’s “Man of Steel” was the warning shot. Director Zack Snyder takes citywide destruction and wonky superhero world-building to the next level with “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” manufacturing a DC Comics answer to the ongoing work Marvel is doing to construct their seemingly bulletproof cinematic universe. Snyder isn’t aware that nuance is an option, looking to create the biggest, baddest event film possible while pouring the foundation for assorted superhuman characters to come. Even with a 150 minute run time, “Batman v. Superman” feels claustrophobic and needy, with the helmer digging into his shallow bag of tricks to bring two iconic characters to life. Instead of servicing patient storytelling, Snyder gets lost in his own limited ambition, frequently relying on his love for noise and numbing violence to make sense of a poorly written, acted, and edited effort. Read the rest at


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