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Film Review - Triple 9


Director John Hillcoat earned considerable industry and film enthusiast respect with his previous features, “The Proposition,” “The Road,” and “Lawless.” He’s enamored with the illness of life, its dark corners and tests of allegiance, creating a trilogy of sorts that celebrate suffering, finding soulfulness in the strangest of places. Growing a little tired of grind, Hillcoat takes command of “Triple 9,” trying a corrupt cop drama on for size, looking to play on a more Hollywood-ized playground of gunfire and puffed-chest confrontations. While still dire to keep Hillcoat engaged, “Triple 9” is also woefully formulaic and strangely performed, with fans of Michael Mann, Antoine Fuqua, and numerous other crime movie architects sure to feel déjŕ vu while watching this limp shoot-em-up. Read the rest at


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