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Film Review - Cabin Fever (2016)


2003’s “Cabin Fever” wasn’t a hit, but the micro-budgeted picture was profitable, urging distributor Lions Gate to figure out a way to milk the brand name without putting in much effort. There was a sequel, 2009’s “Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever” (a film director Ti West has disowned), and a prequel, 2014’s “Cabin Fever: Patient Zero,” with neither production managing to catch much attention. To reignite the franchise, a remake has been brought forward by original creator Eli Roth, who passes directorial control to Travis Z, tasked with using Roth and Randy Pearlstein’s original script to fuel a new round of flesh-eating horrors. Instead of reimagining “Cabin Fever” for a new audience, it’s simply been recycled, offering the same strained stupidity for a new generation of genre fans. Read the rest at


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