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Blu-ray Review - The House on Carroll Street


Before her career came to an inexplicable stop in the 1990s, actress Kelly McGillis had an interesting run. With "Top Gun" and "Witness," McGillis achieved tremendous box office awareness, and with "The Accused," critical raves followed. A few duds were encountered, including "Made in Heaven" and "Winter People," and there was 1988's "The House on Carroll Street," which offered McGillis a more action-oriented role in a throwback thriller. While a bit out of her league in the picture, the star manages the tepid twists and turns of the screenplay with some degree of grace, dutifully working through director Peter Yates's modest design for thrills and chills. "The House on Carroll Street" wasn't a hit back in the day (stiff competition included Richard Pryor's "Moving" and 11th week of "Good Morning, Vietnam"), and it's not especially interesting, but it remains a curiosity, reminding viewers of a time when Hollywood was investing in the Kelly McGillis brand name, trying to transform a character actress into a leading lady. Read the rest at


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