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Minnesota Movie Ads - August 1977

Blu-ray Review - Savage Weekend


While "Savage Weekend" is often left out of any conversation concerning slasher cinema, it holds a unique position in the subgenre, offering horror entertainment that concerns the killing spree of a disguised killer, with the production dating back to 1976 (the film was ultimately released in 1980). Pieced together before "Halloween" spawned hundreds of imitators, "Savage Weekend" is somewhat ahead of its time, with writer/director David Paulsen managing a deadly journey into rural America, where a pack of sex-crazed adults engage in secretive couplings as a murderer in a clown mask emerges from the shadows. It's not rocket science, but Paulsen doesn't always know what type of movie he's making, caught between bloodletting duty and his interest in nudity. Read the rest at


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