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Minnesota Movie Ads - August 1985

Blu-ray Review - Nightmare Weekend


1986's "Nightmare Weekend" doesn't even try to make sense. It's a French production directed by Henri Sala (one of his final efforts) that tries to cash-in on mid-'80s horror trends, assembling a mixture of slasher and sci-fi cinema, ornamented with mild aerobics, multiple visits to a video game arcade, and squishy make-up achievements. However, somewhere during the production's journey, an actual story was dismissed, resulting in a feature that merely chases whims, especially ones involving nudity and bloodshed. There's a green-haired puppet and a supercomputer involved in the mayhem as well. Hilariously bizarre but oddly mindful of exploitation basics, "Nightmare Weekend" is riveting mess for B-movie fanatics, especially those who appreciate the value of an endeavor that's holding on for dear life. Read the rest at


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