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Blu-ray Review - Return to Oz


Somewhere over the rainbow, there's a little girl awaiting shock treatment.

The fantasyland of Oz, as brought to world by author L. Frank Baum, is many things. But to most audiences, Oz is only one thing: a 1939 classic film starring Judy Garland. Attempting to recapture the magic of "The Wizard of Oz," many sequels and knockoffs have failed to achieve the same level of wonder, whimsy, and song. 1985's "Return to Oz" offers a teasing title that hints at a revival of Technicolor awe, but it's a very different picture, taking a creative route that doesn't welcome musical numbers and one-liners. It's a stark, grim adventure that boldly returns to Baum for inspiration while trying to remain as far away from "The Wizard of Oz" as possible. Although certain elements of the feature miss their mark, "Return to Oz" is ambitious, daring, and delivers incredible technical achievements, offsetting initial disappointment and confusion by generating its own mood and dramatic objectives. Instead of amazement, it's foreboding and periodically scary, subverting expectations in the best possible way. Read the rest at


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