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Blu-ray Review - Poldark


"Poldark" isn't simply emerging from out of nowhere. Adapted from the literary series by Winston Graham, which already inspired a 1975 television series, the brand name is well known for its depiction of tragedy and heroism, and for its critique of class divide. With "Downton Abbey" currently working on its final season, now is the time for "Poldark" to rise. While the two shows don't have much in common, the producers of the new series have made sure to provide some familiarity, delving into the period piece with a plan to celebrate far-off locations, forbidden love, financial horrors, and a dashing leading man in Aidan Turner. What should be a slam-dunk of churning emotions is instead quite tedious at times, with a strange concentration on repetition and padding that's meant to fill eight hours of entertainment. Truthfully, there isn't enough incident to keep the effort alert. Read the rest at


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