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Film Review - Chappie


The sci-fi interests of writer/director Neill Blomkamp were introduced with “District 9,” which creatively used allegory to amplify genre appetites, elevating the work away from typical mindlessness. His second effort was “Elysium,” another politically-charge actioner following the same intellectual template, only its message was buried under a thick layer of noise, with Blomkamp slipping into overkill to preserve his cinematic punctuation. “Chappie” is his third “big idea” blockbuster and another career misstep that tenders the idea that perhaps Blomkamp is a one-trick pony. More headache-inducing than “Elysium” and unclear in its thinking, “Chappie” is only valuable as a visual effects display, with any attempt at dramatics frighteningly inept, while acting by select cast members is sure to be remembered as the worst of the year. Read the rest at


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