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A great exploitation movie will encourage audience participation, triggering cheers and gasps as the material works through copious amounts of unsavory action, often in the bloodiest way possible. “Everly” is not a great exploitation movie. In fact, it’s not much of a movie at all. Screenwriter Yale Hannon and director Joe Lynch have a master plan of low-budget carnage, using a single location to its fullest potential as we watch the titular character slice and shoot her way through an army of baddies. It’s not rocket science, but “Everly” is unusually angry, showing tremendous hostility to its characters and the audience, making the bullet-and-sword show more about suffering than escapism, confusing the production’s ultimate entertainment goal. Unless Lynch and Hannon intentionally want ticket-buyers to immediately Silkwood shower off the ick this effort oozes, I believe they’ve blown a prime opportunity to celebrate cinematic carnage. Read the rest at


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