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Blu-ray Review - The Young Ones

YOUNG ONES Michael Shannon

Jake Paltrow, son of Bruce and brother to Gwyneth, made his feature-length directorial debut with 2007's "The Good Night." A successful foray into dreamscapes and loneliness, Paltrow showed surprising confidence with the effort, overseeing strong performances and a distinct visual style to start his career on the right foot. "Young Ones" is his long-overdue follow-up, and the wait between projects may have hurt the helmer in the long run. An ambitious attempt to marry literary-style storytelling with a cinematic futureworld of misery, the picture is mostly paralyzed by its intentions, unable to gain much traction as a family drama or as an examination of dystopian panic. Although created with care, boasting impressive tech credits, "Young Ones" doesn't generate much tension or post-show reflection, working a bit too hard to emerge as artful and important when it's barely interesting, prone to wandering instead of remaining dramatically commanding. Read the rest at


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