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Blu-ray Review - To All a Goodnight


David Hess lived a colorful life, working through music and movie worlds, enjoying a few near-misses during his career before achieving cult success with his starring turn as Krug in Wes Craven's "The Last House on the Left." Capable of communicating menace and managing no-budget demands in front of the camera, Hess was less successful behind the camera. 1980's "To All a Goodnight" was his directorial debut, picking a cheapy slasher production to kick off his helming career, and while his history with the genre certainly aided the work, general filmmaking ineptitude ruins the fun at every turn of the feature. Painfully amateurish, tone-deaf, and screwy all-around, "To All a Goodnight" represents the lazier side of horror, where the people in charge stopped at the concept, not the execution, leaving behind a dull, doofy effort that's full of mistakes and fails to chill. Read the rest at


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