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Blu-ray Review - Dracula (1979)

Dracula 1979 Frank Langella

Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula" has served as inspiration for countless adaptations, with every production out to spin the source material their own way, with some pledging respect to the author's creation, while others merely reflect the book's nightmarish intentions. 1979 was a particularly fertile year for bloodsucker efforts, though none attempted to mount such a richly cinematic world as "Dracula." Directed by John Badham, the feature invests in a highly gothic world of stone castles, howling winds, and open flames, trying to celebrate the period while emphasizing the titular character's powers of seduction, finding a pouty leading man in Frank Langella, who, armed with coke dealer hair and his kitten purr of a voice, works to embody his own version of Dracula -- one more interested in the removal of nightgowns than the spilling of blood. A game attempt to celebrate Stoker and tweak established elements, "Dracula" is ultimately sunk by its own stasis, finding Badham unable to work the material into the frenzy he's hoping to achieve. Read the rest at


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