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Blu-ray Review - Meteor

METEOR Sean Connery

At the tail end of the disaster movie craze of the 1970s, "Meteor" landed with a thud. The 1979 picture boasts an incredible cast led by Sean Connery (also including Natalie Wood, Brian Keith, Karl Malden, Martin Landau, Richard Dysart, and Henry Fonda), and a dependable premise of Earth-threatening doom that permits panic on a global scale, yet "Meteor," for all its bluster and smorgasbord of iffy special effects (okay, they're awful), is merely entertaining, rarely hitting the nail-biting highs the subgenre is known for. The all-star cast can only do so much to liven up the proceedings, with director Ronald Neame gradually losing tension as the film drags out the obvious for far too long. Read the rest at


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