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Blu-ray Review - Mr. Majestyk

MR. MAJESTYK Charles Bronson

Only a week before Charles Bronson took America by storm with the vigilante saga "Death Wish," "Mr. Majestyk" slipped into theaters, looking to cash in on a heartland hero trend boosted by the success of "Billy Jack" and "Walking Tall." While it has the benefit of Bronson's icy glare and a supporting cast skilled at playing ghouls, the film isn't exactly the man-against-the-machine event the movie's initial scenes hint at. More of slow-burn game of intimidation, "Mr. Majestyk" (my spell-check just killed itself) would rather explore the honor of a good rural fight, tossing cops, the mob, and a melon farmer into the ring, with screenwriter Elmore Leonard works out the details of the escalating aggression. While it's not a swiftly paced picture, it's a likable blend of bravado and villainy, with Bronson submitting his traditional thespian offering of deep squints, cynical chuckles, and reluctant heroism, utilized quite well by director Richard Fleischer, who embraces the star's dependably creased charms. Read the rest at


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