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Blu-ray Review - A Simple Wish

A SIMPLE WISH Martin Short

There's a reason why Martin Short is largely considered to be a comedic genius. Through his television work on "SCTV" and "Primetime Glick," supporting roles in films such as "The Big Picture," "Father of the Bride," and "Three Amigos," Broadway productions, and numerous talk show appearances, Short has displayed a sharp wit, endless supply of energy, and a rascally spirit. However, translating that delightful impishness to starring roles has proven difficult for the actor, who's been primarily stuck in unimaginative duds like "Pure Luck," "Captain Ron," and "Three Fugitives." Outside of 1987's "Innerspace" (a wonderful picture), Short hasn't found his niche when it comes to toplining major movies. 1997's "A Simple Wish" is another misfire for the funny man, although the premise provides more than a few opportunities for Short to shine. Instead, he appears handcuffed by the production, forced to work through habitual acts of physical comedy to compete with crude CGI and an aggressive cartoon vibe director Michael Ritchie (who passed away in 2001, making this his final feature) seems intent on selling as loudly as possible. Read the rest at


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