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SABOTAGE Arnold Schwarzenegger 2

Over the course of four movies, writer/director David Ayer has captured the gritty side of street life and how it intersects with fringes of law enforcement. It’s what he does best. In fact, it’s the only thing he does, with “Sabotage” trading bits of realism to come off as a bruising actioner, even going as far as to cast Arnold Schwarzenegger in the leading role, gifting the production a certificate of authenticity. “Sabotage” is a wild feature, and not always in a positive way, with Ayer’s scattergun dialogue colliding with his procedural obsessions, resulting in a fantastically violent murder mystery that splatters instead of unfolds. Punch-drunk and nasty, the picture has its amusing idiosyncrasies, but Ayer is too busy dreaming up unnecessary chaos, refusing to develop the positive elements of the effort. Read the rest at


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