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Film Review - The Invisible Woman


We all know Ralph Fiennes as one of the industry’s top talents -- an actor of extraordinary skill and stamina, giving life to some of the screen’s finest tragedies and villains. After all, to remain a force of considerable malevolence in a role such as Voldemort in “Harry Potter,” played without the benefit of a nose, is a remarkable achievement. Quietly, Fiennes has been building steam as a director, with 2011’s “Coriolanus” storming across the screen as a particularly charged reworking of Shakespeare. And now there’s “The Invisible Woman,” which takes a tale of forbidden love and social decimation and turns it into fine art, with a beating heart that carries the viewing experience. Sumptuously made, with stellar performances from Fiennes and Felicity Jones, “The Invisible Woman” stuns with its cinematographic beauty and batters with its mournful examination of increasing isolation. Read the rest at


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