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Film Review - Enemies Closer

ENEMIES CLOSER Jean Claude Van Damme

The last two decades has been rough for director Peter Hyams. With efforts such as “The Musketeer,” “End of Days,” and “A Sound of Thunder,” the helmer has experienced a creative downfall that’s all but destroyed his once fruitful career. In fact, his last passable picture was 1994’s “Timecop,” making a reunion with star Jean-Claude Van Damme for “Enemies Closer” understandable, bringing the action star in to liven up this limited thriller, hoping their chemistry has endured long enough to fuel another collection of chases, shoot-outs, and hand-to-hand combat. Approached with lowered expectations, and “Enemies Closer” is a reasonably engaging B-movie, benefiting from Van Damme’s nutty performance and Hyams’s dedication to cinematic economy. Surprises are few, outside of the eye-roll count, which is unexpectedly low. Read the rest at


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