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Blu-ray Review - Big Ass Spider!


B-movies don't have it easy these days. Thank the SyFy Channel, who've built a brand name on obvious schlock, constantly ruining the fun with their formula of intentional absurdity and dangerously low budgets, hoping to transform the network into a year-long meme that attracts the attention of social media watchmen and the easily entertained. SyFy has gone out of their way to take the zip out of bottom shelf discoveries, making the bluntly titled "Big Ass Spider!" even more of a surprise. From the outside looking in, the feature resembles yet another backyard creation hoping to create a monster movie ruckus with limited resources, armed with shaky CGI and a wink-happy sense of humor. However, "Big Ass Spider!" proves to be a real charmer with a professional sense of cinematic duty, deftly merging mayhem with chuckles as writer Gregory Gieras and director Mike Mendez set out to reclaim the tattered subgenre with some degree of invention and a belief in the simplistic screen power of a giant spider invasion. Read the rest at


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