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Film Review - Cold Turkey

COLD TURKEY 2013 Bogdanovich Witt Hines

“Cold Turkey” concerns the release of long-held animosities plaguing a dysfunctional family during the Thanksgiving holiday. Writer/director Will Slocombe isn’t exactly out to win any prizes for originality with this picture, following in the footsteps of a great number of filmmakers fascinated with the contrast of celebratory traditions and bruising emotional realities. In the movie’s favor is an unusual determination to find a frequency of unbearable behavior and remain there for 80 minutes, showing refreshing tonal bravery as the script inspects the callousness of characters who can’t seem to get their lives together, even for a single day. The discomfort found in the feature is overwhelming at times, which is a lot more interesting than many of the dramatic developments Slocombe serves up. Read the rest at


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