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Blu-ray Review - The Monster Club

MONSTER CLUB Vincent Price

If there must be a film about dance party happenings at a club built exclusively for creatures of the night, it seems appropriate that Vincent Price would be our tour guide. 1981's "The Monster Club" is an anthology effort with a bizarre wraparound story that interrupts spooky and disturbing events to observe singers and bands rock out onstage in front of a throng of extras clad in bad Halloween masks. Normally, this type of schlock would trigger immediate dismissal, yet "The Monster Club" has enormous charms and a fairly convincing line-up of chiller material to help offset the feature's cannonball splashes into absurdity. It's a lively, sincere movie, given considerable genre reach by a colorful cast, including Price, John Carradine, and Donald Pleasence. Sure, it's silly business, perhaps spending too much time trying to sell a soundtrack, but picture is immensely entertaining, setting the spooky season mood with aplomb. Read the rest at


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