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Blu-ray Review - Open Road

OPEN ROAD Camilla Belle

A film such as "Open Road" should come packaged with a pair of maps: one to navigate the interstate travels of the lead character, and another to help track her emotional journey as it winds through a range of experiences that aren't defined to satisfaction. Without some type of guide to ease explanation of screen events, the picture feels hopelessly lost, baffling viewers as it strives to concoct a poignant odyssey of self-discovery and maturity, only to peel off storytelling textures in the editing process. It's seem rude to label the movie a mess when it clearly launches with pure intentions to connect with viewers via road trip melodramatics, but director Marcio Garcia (an popular South American actor at the helm of his second feature) doesn't have the skill to manage such suffocating cliche, playing too fast with the particulars of the plot in an effort to tie a bow around the tale by the time the end credits arrive. "Open Rage" immediately dissolves into a blur of motivations and ill-defined histories, making soulful connection impossible. Read the rest at


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