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Blu-ray Review - Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th

Crystal Lake Memories Blu-ray

In the realm of horror cinema, the "Friday the 13th" franchise is a behemoth. It wasn't the first to dream up the concept of a masked maniac slicing and dicing his way through a throng of idiot teenagers, but it gave the concept pop culture enormity, with healthy box office and an explosive home video presence to help guarantee longevity with its rabid, fall-on-their-sword fanbase. Other movies have made more money, displayed more gore, and showed more creativity, but nothing has touched the genre omnipresence of this series. Without warning, "Friday the 13th" became a cult classic and Jason Voorhees grew into the Elvis of slasher icons. Not bad for a picture that began life as a rip-off of "Halloween." Read the rest at


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