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CONJURING Vera Farmiga

This second wind in the directorial career of James Wan has been fascinating to watch. Almost killing his career with dreadful pictures such as “Death Sentence” and “Dead Silence,” Wan rebounded with the 2011 horror humdinger “Insidious,” which inched the helmer away from gore and noise, challenging him in the art of the scare. With a sharp visual sense and welcome patience for the haunted house subgenre, Wan found an ideal match to his sensibilities, now returning to the deep dark with “The Conjuring.” Again favoring tension over bedlam, Wan issues a similar but successful follow-up to “Insidious” (as opposed to “Insidious: Chapter 2,” also from Wan and due in September), finding proper beats of fright and family to play in this throwback endeavor. Read the rest at


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