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Blu-ray Review - Code of Silence

Code of Silence Chuck Norris

In 1985, Chuck Norris was in a peculiar place in his career. Having fought to build his brand name on a history of martial arts training and demonstration, Norris took on Hollywood with the same determination, starring in a series of actioners that transformed him into an icon, but one with questionable taste in screenplays and directors. By the mid-1980s, the star was trapped in a Cannon Films bear trap, churning out pictures such as "Missing in Action" and "Invasion U.S.A." However, in the midst of this contractual flurry, Norris managed to slip "Code of Silence" into the mix, toplining a gritty, low-wattage police thriller that only relies on Norris's standard display of kick-happy skills of defense in the final act, allowing the star to, gulp, act a little between displays of disgust. An entertaining ride through the underbelly of Chicago, "Code of Silence" manages to temporarily bring Norris to a realm of reality, sticking a bearded force for justice in the midst of mob warfare and a sickly sea of corrupt cops, gradually shaping his character into a lone wolf instead of just assuming the position before the opening titles have an opportunity to finish. Read the rest at


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