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MAN OF STEEL Henry Cavill Superman

Superheroes do not get much more sincere than Superman. He’s a symbol of hope, a fantasy of justice, and a slice of Americana down to his red and blue outfit. So what happens when a lively character of pure bravery is brought to the big screen in 2013, when sour introspection, graphic violence, and doomsday action rakes in major box office bucks? The result is “Man of Steel,” a concentrated effort to bend the Superman mythos into the shape of the Bat-signal. While fresh narrative directions and a radical redesign of known elements are welcome, it’s odd to find the latest from Zack Snyder essentially reheating what’s come before, straining to give the faithful what they love while stripping away intrinsic emotional expanse and the joyful experience of superpowers. Superman has been turned into a song by The Smiths. He was much more interesting as a sweeping orchestral explosion. Read the rest at


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