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Film Review - Hatchet III


For some reason, the “Hatchet” series continues on. Unleashed in 2007, the horror-comedy “Hatchet” failed to attract much attention during its theatrical run, building its cult appeal on home video. 2010’s “Hatchet II” trumpeted its unrated release in theaters, only to welcome few takers, once again taking to the comfort of rentals to sate its modest fanbase. And now “Hatchet III” is here, wisely electing to share its bruised funny bone on the VOD market, bringing the pain directly to the people. It’s admirable to see franchise mastermind Adam Green continue to make these gruesome features despite limited outside interest, but it’s become increasingly difficult to distinguish one installment from the other, separated only by a few changes in casting and the shifting face of evil himself, Victor Crowley. Read the rest at Blu-ray.com


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