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Film Review - At Any Price

AT ANY PRICE Dennis Quaid

In the mid-eighties, there was bumper crop of films examining the plight of the red-blooded, family-oriented American farmer as they faced industry demands, corporate interests, and dwindling profits. In 2013, the vocation has changed radically, with little room for a personal touch, giving way to fields of crops born from genetically modified seeds, with Big Agriculture turning to science and law to control what was once an Earthly treasure shared by all. “At Any Price” uses the discomfort surrounding GMO seeds as a foundation for its story of domestic dissolve, but largely ignores the possibilities of the conflict. In fact, the results are quite disastrous when it steps away from farming concerns, resulting in a movie that’s unforgivably clunky, tone-deaf, and dreadfully acted. Read the rest at


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