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SCARY MOVIE 5 Ashley Tisdale

“Scary Movie V” opens with Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in bed. Then they begin to have sex. Then “Yakety Sax” kicks in to score their gymnastic lovemaking session. And this is the type of viewing experience “Scary Movie V” becomes, with bad ideas spread like curdled butter over lousy ideas, and it doesn’t let up for 75 minutes (add another 15 for the end credits). What began with the Wayans Brothers spoofing “Scream” has now turned into a cinematic garbage bin for the franchise’s fifth outing, with a reduction in budget, casting surprises, and fodder for satire flattening the potential for even a single responsive titter. If you absolutely need to experience the feature, bring a pillow, as there’s nothing to the effort that promises to keep the viewer awake. Read the rest at


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