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Blu-ray Review - Mr. Selfridge


After the rampaging worldwide success of "Downton Abbey," it was inevitable that a knockoff would emerge, cut from the same elegant cloth. With "Mr. Selfridge," a game of rumor, disaster, and manners returns to the small screen, though it's miles away from countryside opulence and aristocratic concerns, turning to the inner workings of a department store to embark on a multi-character odyssey of melodrama. It's tart, expansive material, yet the endeavor is weighed down by a significant case of déjà vu. Hoping to satisfy ravenous "Downton" fans between seasons, "Mr. Selfridge" comes across as a soggy carbon copy, laboring to cook up the same regality and ridiculousness that defined the smash Julian Fellowes show, only here the results are uneven, uninteresting, and anchored by an actor who's physically and psychologically uncomfortable in the leading role. Read the rest at


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