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I'm willing to give writer/director Harmony Korine the special consideration he requires when he makes a movie. He's an impish artist, prone to deep free dives into excess while treating stupidity as sport. He's created interesting pictures during his career, including "Gummo" and "Julien Donkey-Boy," though even his best work has a way of feeling like an endless night spent inside an art-school drunk tank, surround by oddities as nausea sets in early. His latest is "Spring Breakers," currently sucking up blog buzz for the provocative way it parades around former Disney Channel stars in various stages of undress and intoxication. I wish there was more to the viewing experience than gyrating flesh and deep inhales, but Korine is trapped in a shtick coma, attempting to collect random images, poorly-defined fears, and swinging bare breasts and form it all into cinematic poetry. Read the rest at


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