Minnesota Movie Ads - September 1994
Film Review - Eden

Film Review - Love and Honor

LOVE AND HONOR Liam Hemsworth Teresa Palmer

Tempted by the success of all things Nicholas Sparks, the producers of “Love and Honor” attempt their own take on the proven formula, offering a story trafficking in warm acts of attraction and nostril-flaring moments of decision. Also mirroring the Sparks touch is the picture’s distracting weightlessness, tackling a significant story of choice and heartbreak with all the impact of a soap opera, failing to find the feral emotions inherent to such a taxing series of life choices. It’s easy enough to digest, yet “Love and Honor” is capable of much more than predictable melodrama, though director Danny Mooney seems absolutely determined to ease this effort into a honeyed coma as quickly as possible. Read the rest at Blu-ray.com


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