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Film Review - If I Were You

IF I WERE YOU Marcia Gay Harden Leonor Watling

I can easily see why a respected actress like Marcia Gay Harden decided to take part in a dreary picture like “If I Were You.” It’s a meaty role that requires broad comedic skills and subtle dramatics, while offering the performer a chance to play around with romantic interactions and boozehound sway, hitting all the corners of characterization while spewing out a mouthful of dialogue. Heck, there’s even a touch of Shakespeare in the mix as well. Professionally, I’m sure it seemed like a smart movie, yet “If I Were You” is a strangled endeavor that’s 30 minutes too long and short-sheeted in the laugh department. Perhaps it was a blast to make, but to sit through the feature requires an extraordinary amount of patience. Read the rest at Blu-ray.com


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