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Film Review - Escape from Planet Earth


As low impact CG-animated moviemaking goes, “Escape from Planet Earth” is surprisingly persistent when it comes to staging mind-numbing mediocrity. The potential for a rip-roaring alien adventure is there for the taking, but the production doesn’t bother, instead recycling beats of irreverence, action, and sentiment from other, better pictures. It’s a drag, but a needlessly stupid one, begging on bleeding knees for younger audiences to fall in love with it, which translates to emphatic voice work, extended slapstick routines, and a precocious child character meant to act as a surrogate for the nosepickers. And just to make sure the feature radiates complete nonsense, every time a character falls in “Escape from Planet Earth,” there’s a fart sound effect piped in. Surely your children would rather watch “Argo” instead, right? Read the rest at


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