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Film Review - A Good Day to Die Hard


With 2007’s “Live Free or Die Hard,” the once venerable franchise hit a shocking creative low, thwacked with a bout of amnesia that prevented the picture from recalling what made the previous three installments of the series so special to action film fans. It didn’t walk and talk like a “Die Hard” production, generating immense disappointment after waiting 12 long years for the return of iconic screen cowboy, John McClane. Turns out, the worst was yet to come, with “A Good Day to Die Hard” effectively killing off the brand name with an asinine, immobile feature that’s dripping with trendy cinematography and toxic banter, while a visibly bored Bruce Willis hobbles through this dud, putting in the least amount of effort possible. “A Good Day to Die Hard” isn’t just a lousy movie, it’s the cement shoes on a once amazing collection of movies. Read the rest at


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